Courier X
Courier X

Courier X

Trenlin Polenski is a surreptitious smuggler, working for a retired member of the East German Police, who is recruited to help the CIA surreptitiously take down Flight TWA 800. While the CIA is trying to cover their tracks, it isn't long before they encounter another problem... the release of the on-line article 'Dark Alliance', by Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Gary Webb. With the looming accusations of the CIA trafficking drugs, they will need to recruite Trenlin once more to help interdict a Nicaraguan man who is blackmailing the agency for millions or he will surface data to prove Gary Webb's accusations were correct.

Genre: Drama , Thriller

Actor: James C. Burns , Udo Kier , Gary Francis Hope , Bron Boier , Lee Shephered

Director: Thomas Gulamerian


Country: USA

Release: 2016

Tags: #Courier #Courier X #X

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